Hearing is a critical sense and millions of people suffer from hearing loss and communication problems.  When it comes to our ability to communicate, even the smallest degree of hearing loss can have a profound impact on our interaction with others.  Understanding what may be the cause is important so that we can help you on your journey to improved hearing function.

How do we hear?  When a sound enters the outer ear, it causes the eardrum to vibrate.  The sound is transmitted by three small bones from the middle to the inner ear. The inner ear contains a snail-like shaped structure called the cochlea which is filled with fluid and lined with microscopic fine hairs.  These hairs move with the vibrations and convert the sound waves into nerve impulses which are sent to the brain.  The result is the sound you hear.

About hearing loss.  Hearing loss is widely associated wih advancing age.  Though this is mostly true, hearing loss is becoming more widespread in younger generations than you think.  Any noisy environment - machinery, music, TV - all contribute to hearing loss, at any age.